The FEMA National Preparedness Directorate (NPD) is comprised of a large team, including five physical locations and a mission that encompasses every element of the national preparedness system.

To assist in overseeing NPD’s complex mission, a deputy assistant administrator position for the Directorate is being established. Katie Fox will assume that responsibility.

Tony Russell, the superintendent of the Emergency Management Institute, will expand his portfolio, adding responsibility for all of NPD’s training and education services.

Donald “Doc” Lumpkins will assume new duties as the director of the National Integration Center (NIC), where he most recently administered the highly successful program Executive Office.

Carla Boyce will assume new duties as the director of the National Exercise Division, where she will bring her experience in administering the NIC and overseeing National Preparedness System implementation to the revamped National Exercise Program.

Finally, Dr. Keith Holtermann will assume new duties with FEMA’s Office of Response and Recovery.

(announcement above was adapted from the IAEM Website)